WARM EMBRACE (nutmeg & cloves) soap

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WARM EMBRACE (nutmeg & cloves) soap


This soap is made with a combination of pure essential oils of Nutmeg and Cloves. This blend  of woody , spicy, sweet aroma dances together into a warm lucious pairing of hot , fruity pleasing scent that will leave you feeling hugged with a WARM EMBRACE.


Nutmeg essential oil is said to be great to reduce cramps and muscular aches, pain management, anxiety, insomnia, improves concentration, diminish wrinkles, scars, radiates skin and so much more.


Clove essential oil is said to be great to kill bacteria, relieve stress, repel insects, treat acne, provide anti aging benefits, rejuvenates, moisturize dry skin and so much more.


Spiritual uses:Money attraction, psychic awareness, expels unwanted influences, promotes healing,provides  protection, enhances harmony.


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