Ravishing, Radiant , Beautiful skin!

 Ravishing Botanics specializes in pampering your mind, body and spirit with wonderful, handmade soaps, bath and body products made with the finest natural oils and ingredients. We pride ourselves in providing Cruelty Free products as well as many Natural blends. From start to finish, every detail is perfected by hand. Treat your skin to luxurious body treats today. Head to Toe Naturals from the Beautiful Island of Jamaica.Also check out our hand made luxury jewellery.

About us

Ravishing Botanics came about when i was searching for the perfect solution for skin nourishment, after using commercial base product for most of my life and not getting the results, i began researching ways to make my own bath and body products. After  trying and testing ingredients i found multiple ways of creating perfect natural skin enhancing and nourishing formulas. I use  soothing, moisturizing ingredients in my bath and body products without all the harsh ingredients found in some other companies' products.                                 
  • Boric Acid Suppositories
  • Sweet Candy Apple Massage Oilil
  • Chocolate Fantasy Massage Oil