Spirulina Carrot Body Butter

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Spirulina Carrot Body Butter

Spirulina Carrot Body Butter, like all our body butters are excellent for moisturizing the skin.

Spirulina is rich in vitamins, protein, iron, and chlorophyll, which helps to reduce dark spots on the skin and discolorations and make skin tone look better and healthier.

Antimicrobial – It is a natural antimicrobial which can be helpful in fighting off the bacteria that cause acne. To put it simply, Spirulina contains a large number of anti-inflammatories, immunity-boosting and detoxifying properties. This enables the skin to rejuvenate itself at a quicker pace and fight against external threats. 

Carrots benefit the skin by providing it with the glow it needs. The beta-carotene present in the carrot aids in repairing skin damage, helping in skin renewal, and letting the skin look young

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