FRESH START (Wintergreen & Rosemary) soap

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FRESH START (Wintergreen & Rosemary) soap


This soap is made with a combination of pure essential oils of Wintergreen and Rosemary. A minty, sweet blend plays beautifully with a balsamic fresh undernote of camphor note meddle together to boost your senses to uplift you to a FRESH START.


Wintergreen essential oil is said to fight inflammation, erase blemishes and skin disorders and is a great astringent for clearing up acne and kills germs.


Rosemary essential oil is said to remove under eye bags, reduce cellulite, tighten skin,even skin  tone, smooth out fine lines and so much more.


Spiritual uses: release karmic patterns, promote happiness, stimulate a clear mind, repel negative thoughts, provide protection,hex breaking,prosperity.


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